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1:00 PM -> 4:30 PM
Southside Park
Waffle Square
1825 10 St 95811
Posting up on the S Street side, in the parking lot across from Old Ironside.
12:30 PM -> 7:30 PM
Over By That Dive Bar On 19th
1900 P Street

Nothing to say, really.
Our food speaks volumes, though.

11:30 AM -> 8:00 PM
Southside Park
Southside Park
2115 6th St 95818

We’ll be posting up near the old farmer’s market spot. On 6th at W St. Drop by and say hi. Don’t worry, it’s totally ok to talk with your mouth full at LFE Spots.

11:30 AM -> 8:00 PM
Easy on Eye
1725 I Street 95814

Giving props to a legendary long-time midtown spot.
Hit us with some #lfe love on Insta, Fb and Tw.
We’ll tag you back with some love of our own: 15% off your order.

11:30 AM -> 7:00 PM
Streets Midtown
1804 J St 95814

Patio take over time!
Park in the lot or on the street and come in the back.

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